Always read the label…

Onigiri… in other words the compact riceballs that many a Japanese salaryman would snack on during his lunch break… I wanted to try it for the first time, so I went down to the local supermarket and noticed 3 varieties on the shelf. The labels were written in Kanji which isn’t that useful for a guy like me who only really knows about 130 Kanji so far. ‘Aaah, ok,’ I thought, ‘why not just pick one at random.’ And so I did. Upon arriving back home, I was pretty damn hungry, so I tore open the packet and took one big bite. I started chewing and man it was good… but then I noticed something… staring back at me was the wee head of a tiny sea creature thing (I actually dont know what the hell it was). It turns out I had taken an ocean themed onigiri and one of the ingredients were these sea creatures. I still don’t know what they were… but there actually wasnt much taste to them, the onigiri itself was good… the only problem was it kinda creeped me out whilst I was eating the rest of it!!


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