Getting settled in Tokyo

Well, this is the first ‘proper’ post of the site. I’ve been here for less than a week and I think I’ve just about got used to the change. To start off I’ll just mention some random points about staying in Japan…

1) Technology

I got my new phone on the day I arrived and its totally awesome. I think its probably just as powerful as phones available in the west but Im used to using shite phones, so this makes a welcome change. It looks sweet 🙂


It looks like western phones arent available in Japan, Softbank and Do Co Mo seem to be the big players here…

Another thing to point out is pretty obvious – the famous Japanese toilet! My first ‘strange’ encounter in Japan was at the airport, check out the toilet:

Even though I knew about the toilets before coming to Japan it still kinda took me by surprise…

2) Cleanliness

The streets of Tokyo are very clean… from what I’ve seen anyway. On a side note the garbage system is a bit of a pain in the arse but the west could really learn a few things from here.

3) Courtesy

Most people here are polite… very polite. If you go into a store all of the clerks will be smiling and use extremely polite Japanese, walk into a bank and half of the workers will greet you- seriously, I was surprised when I first entered the bank and even the people in the office looked at me and welcomed me.

4) Food

I’m not used to sushi and my first encounter with genuine sushi was painful – to summarise in one word: Wasabi. The movie was good but the actual paste itself is evil!! I haven’t eaten Yakitori or Shabbu shabbu yet, they look bloody delicious, I will have to get around to that.

5) Height

There are actually quite a few tall Japanese around – I’m a pretty short lad but even by average height standards some Japanese are pretty tall.

That is all for now, be sure to check out the other posts and check back regularly 😉


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