Apples and pears…. but mostly apples

Rather random post, but I just couldn’t help but notice how huge Japanese apples are. I just don’t know what the hell they do to them over here but theyre so much bigger than the ones available back in England. The majority of Japanese apples are grown in Aomori which is the northern most prefecture on Honshu. This picture doesn’t clearly illustrate their size but its better than nothing, lol:


I bought this apple from the Minato community festival – its worth noting that it cost me 500 Yen for just one – which is about £2!! Amongst other reasons, the Japanese take pride in their own local produce and believe it’s superior to any foreign counterparts, in fact some Japanese fruit can easily go for more than £30 a piece…

Oh yeah, before I forget the pears part…. I learned today that there is a ‘Japanese pear’… I ate one, it was nice…. that is all….


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