Community Fun

A few days ago we were lucky enough to be graced with fine weather which was convenient because over the weekend our community festival took place. Im staying in Minato-ku (‘ku’ is used for a ward or kinda district of Tokyo, Minato is one of the biggest wards). I went on both days and it was good fun, the whole community was represented really well and even though I had only been here for a few days I didn’t feel that left out (only problem was my Japanese was too basic to communicate with some people lol!). One of the main focal points of the festival were the stalls scattered around the town selling various local produce and clothes. Saturday started off with an impressive live performance of taiko (traditional Japanese drums) followed by various old women doing the hula dance (hmmm, no I don’t know why but for some reason it is popular amongst mature Japanese housewives). On Sunday we were treated to a rather long but entertaining parade with the local government officials greeting the crowd as well as participation of bands from various schools in the area. I’m not sure whether a festival like this is organised in every ward of Tokyo but it’s a really good idea, and we should see more of it in the west – not only was there entertainment but the fire department, police and hospital made a clear presence giving out useful information about general safety awareness as well as free goodies. Enough talk though, just check out the pics!!



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