Its Ramune Time!!!


This is Ramune… just another one of the various goods on offer at the Minato festival. Oh boy, I couldnt believe my luck- for a mere 100 Yen I bought my first ever bottle of Ramune!! Anyway, Ramune is quite simply a bog standard lemonade- type drink but what sets it apart is that it comes with a marble trapped in the bottle – theres a special technique for getting the marble out but I haven’t bothered trying yet! Ramune is traditionally served in a glass bottle, with the marble being strategically fixed in place at the top by the pressure of the carbon dioxide – the individual has to push the marble inwards using a device to be able to actually drink the contents of the bottle!! As luck would have it the woman who sold me the bottle opened it for me without even asking, at least it saved me the embarrassment of looking like a complete pleb in front of everyone – but then again I have the plastic version so I guess it’s not as hard to open as the genuine product.


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