A tough job but somebody’s gotta do it!

I thought I might just outline what I’m doing right now in order to earn money. It’s tough, arduous and exhausting but someone has to do it… just what do I do?… Well I talk… in English… that’s all! I’m being completely serious – right now I’m just working as an English conversation partner and I work in a cafe speaking with the customers in English so that they can practise and develop their skills in the language. The great thing about the job is that you just need to be a native English speaker in most cases and no previous experience is necessary. As I develop my Japanese though I would like to work in a job where I can use more of my Japanese but for now this will do just fine!!

Another quick thing I should mention is that I’m in Japan on a working holiday visa – now I can’t say it’s the same for every country so I will only give information from a UK citizen’s point of view: Without the visa you can only stay in Japan for upto 3 months and can not engage in any work related activities however with the visa you can work in certain fields which don’t affect public morals ( in other words no jobs such as hostess work, bar work, etc) and you will be able to stay in Japan for upto a year. For anyone in England, you’ll have to apply for the visa directly through the Japanese Embassy in London. They say there is a limited quota on the amount of visas given each year however when I applied for my visa the guy at the Embassy mentioned that they normally never meet the quota anyway. I hope this can be of some help for anyone out there who would like to become a working holiday maker themselves 😉


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