Rocking out in Yoyogi Park

I thought there’s normally never anything to do on a Sunday… until I found out about Yoyogi Park. I’ve actually known about Yoyogi Park for a while now but finally had the chance to experience it myself today. Basically, every Sunday various bands set up their equipment on one side of the park and play a free set to promote their music as well as personally handing out flyers advertising their upcoming gigs and selling demo CDs. My favourite band of the day was surprisingly the first I actually saw when I arrived – With Bis impressed me with their tight set, not exactly the most energetic band around but I loved the music! I had a chat with the band after their set and they turned out to be great dudes, I ended up buying their demo CD and I’m probably going to go to their gig in Yokohama. Other notable bands were Chocolate Chip Cookies, which is a fast punk rock trio fronted by a cute and talented female guitarist, and the somewhat oddly named funk band known as Loovee. Alongside some of the bands cheap clothes, CDs and old electronic goods were on sale and also on the other side of the park a huge fleamarket was in action. Yoyogi is also popular for the Gothic Lolita girls who enjoy posing for the camera in their latest gothic dresses. I didn’t actually see many today because I probably didn’t find the main area where they hang out, but I was only there for the music in the first place anyway!! If you ever find yourself to be free in Tokyo on a Sunday then I’d definitely recommend a visit to Yoyogi Park, some of the bands are genuinely talented and deserve your support!



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