Advertising – Japanese style :P

Well, advertising in Japan has its pros and cons, there’s really only one thing that pisses me off about it… the sheer randomness! For example, you’ll be watching a program, the program will start and they’ll show information about the program sponsors and will suddenly skip to a commercial break with absolutely no warning whatsoever… ok, the show is back on… but wait! A few minutes later and another break with absolutely no warning, there might be yet another break just before the credits roll (if the program has end credits, some such as drama over here doesn’t). Anyway, it’s definitely not that annoying – anything is better than the nausiating, vomit-inducing shite otherwise known as insurance and compensation advertising that we have back in the UK! The actual ads themselves are, for the most part, pretty good. The thing that I like about Japanese TV commercials is that they’re short and concise – they get straight to the point in most cases. My favourite commercials so far have been the Suntory Boss range as promoted by Tommy Lee Jones and Softbank commericals featuring Aya Ueto – I won’t even attempt to explain those particular ads, just watch the awesomness (or perhaps utter weirdness?) here:

Another quick thing I wanted to mention was advertising in the trains: in the JR trains going through Shinjuku to Mitaka and Nakano I’ve been in some carriages with screens showing various adverts featuring mostly foreigners. I guess it must be a pretty novel idea to have foreigners advertise over here, there are various agencies set up for foreigners interested in appearing in commericals and general modelling (I’m actually interested in registering just for the hell of it, it would be good to earn some extra cash) Anyway, to finish off, the worst commerical I’ve seen is for, a job website for bilingual workers in Japan – if you’d like to witness the utter shiteness yourself then there just might be a video floating around on youtube šŸ˜‰


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