Best bands of Japan – Part 2!!!

Well it hasn’t been that long since I wrote the original post about the best bands of Japan, however I have already found out about a few more arse kicking bands from the Land of the Rising Sun who really deserve to be mentioned on the site… and so shall it be done!

First off is a band which I already mentioned before – you can see ’em rocking out at Yoyogi Park if you’re in the mood for some free live music, they’re none other than Loovee, a fun loving and groovy funk band!

Next up is a straight forward fast paced punk rock group, who happen to be signed to the same label as Ken Yokoyama. I checked out their CD in the HMV in Ikebukuro and was blown away, one thing in particular that really impresses me about this band is their drummer, the dude has some sick ass skills. Anyway, the band is known as Fill in the Blanks!!

Following on is a band who have apparently been around for a while, and it’s quite understandable why! Eastern Youth are an emo-punk group who have gained a huge underground following over the years and have just recently played a show in Tokyo, although I wasn’t able to go. I am pretty sure though that if they play here again that I should better attend, I really would be a fool not to!

To finish off this time round, an indie-rock group known as Wrong Scale have really been rocking my world! These guys are playing in Tokyo just before my birthday and I would love to go! I better save up some more money, there’s so much new music I need to buy!!

If ya wanna check out Wrong Scale’s music, their videos are on Youtube. I soooooo need to get their new album!


2 thoughts on “Best bands of Japan – Part 2!!!

  1. i disagree with some of the lists, there is no one here that is legendary
    l’arc en ciel, d’erlanger, die in cries, b’z, luna sea (i find x-japan annoying)

    • Fair enough. Out of the bands you’ve mentioned I am only familiar with L’arc en Ciel. Since I wrote this list I’ve found out about a ton of different bands and in retrospect I really should have waited until I was much more acquainted with Japanese music, but to be honest a lot of what I listen to is quite underground and indie so I’m guessing not many people would agree with my choices haha.

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