Dango…. anyone??

hanami215.jpgThis is dango – a popular traditional Japanese sweet which can be enjoyed not only during special occasions but any other time also! The most common type of dango is made from rice flour, and the sweet is often eaten alongside a serving of green tea. The most common type of dango itself is ‘anko’ which is a dango served with sweet red bean paste. My first dango experience was eating this type, however I found the paste to be too sweet and prefer just the dango itself. The picture is actually of Hanami Dango (I bought mine from a street vendor in Asakusa for a mere 100 Yen) I thought there’s not actually much difference in flavour between the different coloured balls, but they get their colour from different ingredients (red beans, eggs and green tea). If you visit Japan, why not try some dango for yourself?!


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