My first visit to Big Sight… checking out Design Festa

This weekend marked the return of Design Festa – an exhibition celebrating the work of various artists from throughout Japan and other parts of the world, allowing them to promote and sell their work. I actually didn’t know about it until I read about it on Roaf’s awesome website, Gaijin Tonic (link in blogroll, be sure to check it out, there is also more info about design festa there). Anyway, seeing the post on the site caught my interest, and as my curiosity grew I thought it would be fun to check out the festival myself. So… how was it?… well, there was certainly no limit to what was on offer – there was a seriously huge variety of work on show, some artists I appreciated more than others; to be completely honest I was expecting some real arty farty shite, and whilst I did discover some rather pointless / overly pretentious shite as well as some seriously messed up performers, the majority of the work I saw was genuinely awesome, a lot of the artists are genuinely gifted. For a 1000 Yen day ticket, you really get your money’s worth also – not only can you check out each of the artist’s work, but there is also an indoor stage featuring fashion shows, acrobatic shows and suchlike, as well as an outdoor stage featuring live music. One of the bands that caught my interest is a symphonic metal band known as Trailblazing of Symphonia – basically a Japanese version of Nightwish, but I thought they were pretty good (apart from the fact that the lead vocalist was a bit off key in some songs, I guess she was just having a bad day). I couldn’t help but buy some of the cheaper works of art, as well as many postcards made by the artists. One section was also dedicated to clothes and I found some awesome t-shirts but unfortunately being the poor git that I am, couldn’t buy them, but I will have to get round to it soon!! Also on a rather random note half way through the day I met possibly one of the friendliest couples I have ever encountered, and was given the pleasure(?) of a free hug from the afore mentioned duo who just happened to be sporting bunny costumes… hmm, some of their happiness did spread to me which I guess was a good thing lol.

Anyway, it’s also worth mentioning that Big Sight is situated in Odaiba, which is an area which gives you awesome (and I really mean awesome) views of Tokyo, especially at night. The easiest way to get there is to take the Yurikamome line from Shinbashi station which is a pleasure in itself, as the view from the train is truely breathtaking (well I do exagerrate but its still one hell of a view!!). Anyway, I’ve rambled on too much, check out the pictures 😉



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