Searching for Autumn’s best…. in Tokyo

Being the immensely poor git that I am I was unfortunately not able to go to Kyoto this autumn – I was really hoping I would be able to go because the Kyoto prefecture is one of the best areas in all of Japan for the autumn colours, especially Arashiyama. Alas my money supply has been running out and I haven’t been paid from my new job yet so I have had to stay in Tokyo mostly. I decided to look around for any autumn awesomeness in Tokyo though, these pictures were taken quite late in season so they’re not all that great but better than nothing – they will obviously pale in comparison to what you can find in places like Kyoto and Nikko (which is north of Tokyo). Still, autumn in Tokyo is pretty sweet, Yoyogi park is pretty cool and I’m sure other parks look even better with the autumn colours. I’m definitely making sure I go to Arashiyama in autumn when I return to Japan in the future!



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