Historical Day Trip – Kamakura

Kamakura serves as an excellent day trip from Tokyo as it is only just under an hour away on train. The most popular sight in Kamakura is the Great Buddha (Daibutsu I think in Japanese) Personally I found it to be quite anticlimatic, but then again its just a statue, still worth visiting though 😉 Apart from that there are many temples worth visiting. Of particular interest the Zeniarai Benten shrine is good fun – upon visiting guests are able to wash money using the shrine’s spring, according to legend money that is washed with the spring’s water will double. I gave a go at it myself, but it seems that the shrine’s mysterious powers don’t have much effect on me – I’m still a poor git!! I also went to the impressive Tsurugaoka Hachimangu shrine, in which a wedding was just taking place as I entered the grounds. I definitely recommend visiting this shrine, and they actually hold a horse back archery event (in April and September) as well as a special New Year’s event over there. Many traditional sweets and gifts can be bought from Kamakura also, and visiting is also popular during the summer months as the town is next to the ocean. Lastly there is a hiking trail also for anyone who digs that type of thing. I’m going to visit Kamakura again during spring as hopefully I won’t be freezing my ass off and I’ll have some money to squander on pointless souvenirs, totally tasty green tea ice cream and japanese sweets!



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