Relaxing in Shimokitazawa

Located right next to the Yoyogi area, Shimokitazawa is the perfect place to spend a day chillin’ out, particularly if you’re a young student, like me. Shimokitazawa is full of sweet fashion stores selling alternative and independent fashion (luckily most of it isn’t as ‘far out’ as the stuff you will find in Harajuku lol). Some clothes are more affordable than others, but I don’t really do that much clothes shopping to be honest! The area is also home to a large concentration of independent cafes, which I personally love, because most of central Tokyo is infested with too many chain stores that lack character or charm. On my last recent visit I went to an English book sale, which was pretty good as most English literature in Japan costs a fortune brand new, but unfortunately I didn’t find much of interest, only bought one book. Also Shimokitazawa has its own branch of Dorama which is pretty much the same as Book-Off
I was happy and slightly surprised a bargain bin over there which actually sold some decent music alongside the usual shite that can be found in the bargain section! I happily bought Reel Big Fish, Balzac, Kyosuke Himuro and Seal (retro style!… well I only bought it for Kiss from a rose, the rest of the music was kind of shit lol) CDs for 100 Yen each!! I also found a Macross Plus CD which deserves special mention, so I’ll be writing a special post about it later, also including the Kyosuke Himuro music. Anyway, if you’re interested in checking out some rather interesting and different stores compared to the usual chains that you’ll find in other parts of Tokyo, be sure to head along to Shimokitazawa!




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