Opposite worlds collide, finding elegance where you would least expect it…

Within easy walking distance from my apartment 2 very different worlds exist; one is a world of sleaze and filth, and the other is that of class, sophistication and elegance… I am of course talking about Roppongi! Roppongi itself is a main area of nightlife and entertainment for much of the Tokyo’s foreign population, although Japanese dudes do go there obviously also. I’ll be frank, I’m not a fan of the old Roppongi much, the main area is quite simply put a shit hole. It’s pretty much the sleaze capital of Tokyo. I do, however, like Roppongi Hills and Tokyo Midtown… very much in fact! Here’s a brief breakdown:


The main area of Roppongi is full of bars and strip clubs, as well as a few familiar eateries (think Mc Donalds and Subway) – not really my cup of tea – if you’re a bloke who happens to be passing through be prepared to get approached by hookers and/or big butch guys asking you to go to their strip club.

Roppongi Hills

Roppongi Hills was opened in 2003, and partly because of that it’s a lot cleaner than the older parts of Roppongi. Roppongi Hills is home to various bars, restaurants, stores as well as a cinema (just last week Nicholas Cage and co were in Roppongi Hills for the world premiere of his new movie). TV Asahi and the Grand Hyatt Tokyo are also located over here.


Tokyo Midtown

Tokyo Midtown is the newest addition to the Roppongi, only actually having been completed in March of this year!! The area is used as office space by various big businesses (gaming giants Konami have their Tokyo office here for example). Midtown is also home to various stores, a radio studio and a garden as well as Design Sight 21_21, a design exhibition gallery created by none other than Issey Miyake! (ok ok, some random architect who I don’t know also helped out! :P) I also just found out that the Midtown tower is the tallest building in Tokyo Prefecture.




Anyway, if you visit Roppongi, chances are that you will find something of interest, whatever freaky (or normal :P) shit you’re into!!


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