Checking out my first proper Japanese gig

Well yesterday I went to my first ever proper Japanese gig, before that the only shows I had actually seen were free street ‘lives’ as they are known over here (The Japanese don’t really use any word for gig). Anyway, I saw Wrong Scale at Club Quattro, they are pretty much my favourite Japanese band at the moment and luckily they didn’t disappoint at all, their set was tight, very very tight and they put on an awesome performance. One thing that really surprised me about the Japanese audience was how they really go for it during the music, I was expecting a more reserved group of people but there was plenty of intense moshing (which I stayed well away from lol) and crowd surfing throughout the show. Another thing that surprised me about these guys is how much they actually pay attention to the rules (I didn’t see any notice about moshing or crowd surfing but there was a sign saying that taking pictures was prohibited and I didn’t see anyone take any photos, just struck me as bizarre because obviously at gigs back home I take a ton of photos of the band and record some video also.) Anyway, the thing that surprised me the most, but what I really respect about the Japanese crowd, is that when the band members were talking inbetween songs the audience was almost completely silent and providing their undivided attention to what the band had to say – I really liked that because at some shows I’ve been to before in England there are either a load of stupid kids shouting useless shit or stupid drunks also splurting out shit, it was good to see that people respected the band and actually listened to what they had to say. Club Quattro as a venue is bloody awesome, I’d say its about the same size as the Barfly in Birmingham if anyone knows that, or maybe just a bit bigger, but it didn’t really seem about the same as the Academy. Also anyone interested in getting good band merchandise should check out the store on the same floor as Club Quattro, I was very pleasantly surprised to find good shizzle such as Jimmy Eat World and Less Than Jake t-shirts!! But then I almost fainted when I saw the price lol, definitely cheaper back in England. The store also sells Kerrang, but I don’t know how much it is in Japan. Anyway, too much rambling, blah, anyway, thats it I guess, Wrong Scale, fecking awesome band, check out their music!!


One thought on “Checking out my first proper Japanese gig

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