Getting new glasses…. very randomly

I should start off by saying I actually don’t have that much experience with the opticians in England, so I can only speak based on what I have been through before. Well, I randomly ended up in Muji (yep, I think its the very same Muji which has various stores in England also!). I was looking for a winter jacket but as usual I was pretty damn indecisive and opted to buy it some other time in the end. Anyway, what got my attention was the opticians in Muji (was pretty surprised to see that they made glasses in the first place) – I needed a new pair of glasses, some of my friends might already be aware of the absolute torture my original pair had gone through. I inquired about getting an eye test… there and then I was given a FREE eye test with no waiting or need to make an appointment. In comparison, in England the staff at Boots opticians made me wait friggin 20 minutes even though I arrived on time for my appointment and although I didn’t pay anything for that eye test the standard charge is £18 I believe. The eye test was pretty standard, only this time around I was reading off a hiragana chart instead of the English alphabet lol. After checking out some lenses I decided to find out how much a new pair of glasses would set me back, because ultimately I really needed them. The damage to my wallet was surprisingly light, a mere 10,500 Yen (about £46!!). The store assistant helped me to find a pair that suited my handsome dashing good looks (lol, I can exagerrate a little every now and then! :P) In the end though the best thing that I liked about getting glasses made in Japan is there isn’t much need to wait or hassel at all – whilst I had to wait a friggin week in England for my glasses to be made, Muji made them ready to collect in a remarkable 40 minutes!! Talk about incredible service!


3 thoughts on “Getting new glasses…. very randomly

  1. Awesome, I’m glad my post was of help 🙂 I’m definitely gonna have to get another pair when I return to Japan!

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