Christmas in Japan

Seasons greetings from Tokyo! Well, Christmas is quite different in Japan, as I have discovered whilst living here. Basically the Japanese view Christmas as a time to spend with friends or the more popular option is going out with your girlfriend or boyfriend, as opposed to having a traditional meal together with the family in the west. Anyway, I’ve been able to get some good Christmas photography which I’ll include in this post, strangely enough though most of the Christmas lighting also goes down on Christmas day itself!! Merry Christmas everyone!

Ark Hills



Tokyo Midtown



Roppongi Hills

I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again, best place for Christmas lighting in Tokyo, there’s actually a Christmas concert happening there also but I think most of the music will be shite.





2 thoughts on “Christmas in Japan

  1. lol yeah, KFC is big at christmas in Japan, although I didn’t have any for christmas myself. I’ve been to the KFC a few times and I was generously disappointed with the service and the quality overall, but maybe it was just the stores I went to were bad, but overall I found the Mc Donalds in Japan was a much better experience.

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