Got nothing to do on a Friday night?

While most people tend to spend Friday night partying with friends or maybe going for a date with their partner, I recently opted to go to a cyber cafe…. Yes, I’m actually being serious, don’t worry I haven’t lost my mind! The cyber cafes of Tokyo (and other big cities in Japan) are increasing in popularity because they offer a pretty awesome service which most call the ‘Night Pack.’ Basically the ‘night pack’ allows you to use the cafe’s services for upto 6 hours for a specific set price (available every night but I believe Friday is a bit more expensive), and I have to say, the Japanese cyber cafes are a whole step above anything I have seen in England. For starters you get free unlimited drinks – there’s not only just the typical tea, coffee, hot chocolate and cola available but also slushies, which is pretty cool. Not only that but there is also free ice cream! What about the actual service in the cafe?? Well, not only do you have internet facilities but also access to about 15 free TV channels for your viewing pleasure, and if you specifically ask for it you will also get free access to a PlayStation 2! The cafe also stocks it’s own library of the latest video games and movies which you can use as well as a pretty well-stocked manga library and collection of magazines. With all of this you’re probably thinking it’s expensive, right?! Well, wrong… the night pack costs a mere 1500 Yen, which is about £7!! Needless to say, the cafe has proved invaluable for the salarymen who have been unfortunate enough to miss the last train home. Unfortunately the rise of the cyber cafe has also made way for a new problem- that is to say that a lot of unofficial homeless have taken refuge in the cafes due to the low price. In any case I can’t help but think of how useful it would be if a place like this existed in London, but I’m not sure how it would turn out if one actually was opened there. Anyway, if you visit Japan it might be worth a visit just for the novelty of experiencing the night pack for yourself!!


3 thoughts on “Got nothing to do on a Friday night?

  1. When did you leave London?
    I was there in August 2000 attending the Great British Beer Festival, and in the tube one day, I spied an advert for Easy Everything Internet Cafés.
    It’s still there. The one I used in Kensington High Street is closed; being converted to its 4th generation software, but otherwise…
    Notice that all of them close at some point, so you can’t sleep there waiting for the train to resume running.

  2. I am in a London internet cafe right now, and its sucks. Lots of really old people and slow internet connection. Almost every website is blocked, I cant even go on facebook. As a night person I would love to see some all night cybercafes around. So what if they attract homeless people, maybe they will go online and apply for jobs.

  3. Sorry for the late reply, been busy with my job!! 😛 yeah, luckily I’ve never been left stranded in London before, but once I stayed over night with some friends in a youth hostel after seeing the Offspring (It was about £12 per person so quite reasonable). But once I actually missed the last train back to Bristol with a friend when we went to a gig in Cardiff, the youth hostel we stayed in was £25 per person.
    lol what a shame Jarhood, be sure to check one out if you visit Tokyo! 😉

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