…..He’s back!!!

Oh yeah, now I know I’ve been a bad boy and I haven’t been updating the site lately but hopefully that will change from now on… hopefully I’ll get back into the swing of things!! Well, work has been keeping me busy but I’ve done a few fun things lately, namely going to the Anime Fair at Tokyo Big Sight (apparently the largest anime convention in the world, the queue was a royal bitch but the convention itself wasn’t all that big I thought, anyway I might write about it later) and also I took my first ever purikura…. which was an experience to say the least, if you don’t know what one is… well, I’m not going to describe it because it’s a tad bit embarrassing ! (for a foreign guy like myself anyway). Lastly as you would all know it was sakura (cherry blossom) season in Japan just recently, it came and went pretty damn fast but I took a few good pictures, I will post some of em soon. The first new photo, which you can see below, is from one of my favourite places in Tokyo, Zojoji Temple. That is all for now, be sure to check back!

Great statue at Zojoji Temple


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