Traditional Shinto Wedding at Meiji Jingu

Last month I was chilling out in another one of my favourite areas of Tokyo – Yoyogi Park. The Meiji Jingu shrine is right next to the park and it’s an awesome area to visit for a pleasant walk on a sunny day. The weather was fantastic on that particular day but I was also very fortunate to visit the shrine at just the right time – as soon as I arrived I caught glimpse of a traditional Shinto wedding ceremony in full swing. Apparently many people would like to get married at the shrine and it’s easy to see why – it has a great atmosphere and is easily one of the must-visit sites of Tokyo. Personally I have to say that I find this type of ceremony much more interesting compared with the traditional western style. Be sure to check out the pictures below, maybe you’ll be lucky enough to catch a traditional wedding if you visit the shrine yourself!!

wedding at meiji jingu shrine

wedding at meiji jingu shrine


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