Tokyo International Anime Fair 2008 – The Lowdown!

Oh hell yes…. the one event any anime fan should attend if they happen to be in Tokyo at the right time!! I got my ass over to the famous Tokyo Big Sight, excited like a little child at Christmas time, ready for some anime awesomeness! I thought I had left early but unfortunately just not early enough, yep, I was a total idiot and didn’t get my ticket in advance, so my queue was a bitch to get through, it took about an hour just for me to finally get into the exhibition hall. Anyway, I’m not gonna go into any detailed analysis of the show, I’m just gonna write down my favourite highlights – here you go:

Macross is alive and kicking! Yep, I didn’t know before but was happy to find out that there was a new Macross series being released! It’s being shown on TV right now but unfortunately I’m normally too busy to remember to actually watch it, and besides my TV is kinda crappy, most of the time the channels don’t come on properly :s

More Hokuto no Ken awesomeness coming our way! Yeah, I’m a big fan of Hokuto no Ken, so it was good to see some coverage at the show. There wasn’t really much to see but I saw the newly released Toki Den DVD which is an OVA based around Toki. There is also a new anime about Raoh in the works, it looks like a movie to me, I should have asked one of the people at the stand for more info about it.

Detroit Metal City – looking good I don’t actually know much about Detroit Metal City but the anime is coming out soon and oh boy does it look good! There’s also a live action movie in the works and at the booth there were some promotional photos from the film. This definitely looks good, can’t wait to see both the movie and the anime! By the way, the lead character is being played by Ken’ichi Matsuyama in the movie, if you’re a Japanese film fan you will recognise him from Nana, L: Change the World and the Death Note movies, he’s become one of my favourite actors.

Speaking of Death Note… Well, there obviously had to be a Death Note stand at the show! An awesome lifesize Ryuk model was there but not much to report really, I think the stand was there mainly just for the promotion of the newly released Death Note anime DVD, I believe it’s the special feature length edition which features a different ending to the original series.

And the favourite product of the show award goes to…. the incredibly cool Death Note figurines which I found at one of the stalls, they look pretty neat… ya just gotta love L!

Here are the pictures, hope they’re not too small for ya!


2 thoughts on “Tokyo International Anime Fair 2008 – The Lowdown!

  1. Thanks! I’m gonna try to make sure I don’t neglect the blog anymore, because of work these days its too easy to forget to update the blog lol. Hope all is well with you these days 🙂

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