Base Ball Bear – Fresh and inspiring Japanese indie

Well, I’ve decided to start featuring music on the site by Japanese bands that I feel deserve recognition for their talents. There is a lot of music that has achieved mainstream success over here in Japan but by artists that I frankly just don’t like, to put it bluntly I just don’t like their music. They maybe good singers but their style of music just doesn’t appeal to me whatsoever (my friends will obviously know what I’m going on about, I can’t stand rap, hip hop or r’n’b, and most Japanese pop is well… like any pop music, it’s shit!)

So I’m going to start with a band that I did not mention in my previous music posts. They are Base Ball Bear, and while I’ve been here in Japan they have slowly been growing on me. I will be posting some of their music throughout the week, so be sure to check back! First off we’ll begin with Girlfriend, enjoy!!


6 thoughts on “Base Ball Bear – Fresh and inspiring Japanese indie

  1. I just found out that they did the ending theme “Changes” for Toshokan Sensou. What should I say: they’re excellent. I really like the beginning of the song. I am exploring their other songs. Dakishimetai seems quite nice as well.

  2. Awesome, I just saw the CD single for Changes in Tower Records yesterday, unfortunately I haven’t heard that song yet. Their 2 albums are on my to-buy list but I haven’t gotten round to getting them just yet!

  3. Yeah, Base Ball Bear is really awesome! So much talent in their songs.

    Trouble is how the hell do I buy & download them in America! Trouble with all Japanese things is that they are hella tough to get a hold of even if you are able and willing to dish out the cash to do so.

    As for BBB, their new album is really good as far as I’ve heard though I’ve only heard 3 songs on it. My favorite so far is their Ju-nanasai album.

  4. Yeah, I see. I’m annoyed I’m just going to miss their show actually, they’re playing 2 nights in Tokyo but it’s in September, a few weeks after I leave Japan 😦
    Anyway about getting hold of their music, have you checked out CDJapan before? Their shipping might be expensive but they have a really good selection of CDs and DVDs, be sure to check ’em out 😉

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