Checking out the infamous Yasukuni Shrine

Yesterday was my last day off for Golden Week and because the weather was great I decided to visit the rather infamous Yasukuni Shrine. For those who don’t know much about the shrine, well I don’t know much either, but I do know that it was made in commemoration of those who died fighting for Japan in previous wars. The shrine has become controversial due to previous visits by Japanese Prime Ministers, apparently raising concerns about the separation between religion and state. The shrine also lists the names of several war criminals in its memorial book. It has started to receive even more rather controversial publicity because of a documentary that a Chinese director has made about the shrine. Anyway, whilst I obviously do disagree to the commemoration of war criminals, I try not to concern myself with such matters that much – I just went along to appreciate the beauty of the shrine and do some more photography. Try to enjoy the pictures! In addition to a Noh Theatre there is also a museum on the grounds, which is home to various military related artifacts, most of which are from the second world war I believe.


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