Adam and Joe check out life in Tokyo!!

Adam and Joe are a very talented, but unfortunately not so-famous, comedy duo from England. Back in 2003, whilst I was still in school dreaming about one day visiting this awesome metropolis known as Tokyo, Adam and Joe managed to get their own BBC show about the culture and life in this vibrant city, cunningly titled ‘Adam and Joe Go Tokyo!’ They had their own studio here in Japan and in each episode they would interview eccentric individuals who had managed to gain celebrity status (Sakana-kun, the Oyaji dancers and Dandy ‘GETS!’ Sakano to name but a few) as well as having a famous Japanese band playing in-studio at the end of each show. Unfortunately the series only lasted for one season, which is a genuine shame because Adam and Joe did a brilliant job of providing a thoroughly humorous insight into life in Japan.
Below I’ve included some of my favourite clips, if you like ’em be sure to check out Youtube for more Adam and Joe Go Tokyo awesomeness! (You can find the whole series there 😉 )

Throughout the series the guys were trying to become famous in Japan and one of the most memorable things they tried was forming a band called ‘Gaijin Invasion!’ Here is a clip of them busking in Kichijoji:

In this clip Adam spends a night out in Shimbashi and ‘investigates’ drinking culture rather effectively… by interviewing a bunch of seriously shit-faced salary-men on the streets!

In this last clip the guys try to work one night in a famous host bar, with the help of one of the most famous hosts in Tokyo!


2 thoughts on “Adam and Joe check out life in Tokyo!!

  1. Yeah, thats so true, I’ve found so many interesting places while I’ve been here. I’m looking forward to going to the Kansai area and seeing a lot more of the historical sights!

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