Hopeless publicity!

A new restaurant is opening up in my neighbourhood, questionably called ‘ABC Steak & Bar.’ Hmm, sounds strange? Just check out their flyer, which I guess is supposed to help ‘promote’ their restaurant to English speakers:

(click image for full-size version)

woah, great work guys, what can I say?! This looks more as if it was translation homework written by a worn out class-failing junior high school student, exhausted after an all night binge of watching Naruto, rather than an effective advertising campaign by a manager or employee of a respectable top-class dining establishment!!! Anyway I wish the guys at the ABC steak & bar good luck, maybe I can pop round and teach ’em a thing or 2 about English sometime! (To be fair, their menu actually looks pretty decent!)


4 thoughts on “Hopeless publicity!

  1. lol yeah, I guess they don’t realise how oddly they have presented themselves to native English speakers, I’m looking forward to checking out some of their food though, it looks good!

  2. Oh really?! I wonder if the waiters will try to speak in English when they see me lol, but I’ll try not to let them because I’m always trying to improve my Japanese! Anyway if I do check out the restaurant soon I might right a review for the blog 😉

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