Festival season kicks off in Tokyo…

As the days begin to grow longer, warmer and brighter, it’s the perfect time to start holding some festivals in Japan. This weekend festival fever has started to kick in here in Tokyo as the Sanja Matsuri, one of Tokyo’s largest festivals, started on Friday. Today is the last day and I’m going to Asakusa to check out the festival for myself. But I will leave you with some pictures and video that I took from another festival that I went to yesterday. Yesterday I went to Harajuku station because by the Tori (large gate) leading to the Meiji Jingu a group from Kagoshima were holding a festival there. The performance started off slow, with a group of old women singing and dancing rather leisurely along to live shimasen music. Nevertheless, it was quite interesting to see, a lot of old women seem to keep themselves in good shape over here! There was also a horse walking around with a group of men, I’m really not sure of the significance of the horse myself. Anyway, soon after we were in for a genuine treat. The main attraction was a brilliant performance of taiko drumming by a group of men and women hiding behind demon masks! To finish off the show they took off their masks and started to quite literally put a lot more energy into their performance. If you visit Tokyo, try to come during the summer and then you can go to a festival similar to this one! Anyway, now check out the pictures and video below!

Apologies for the low video quality, I’m not sure as to what happened when I uploaded the videos because the original quality is much better. But anyway enjoy!

That’s all for now! Check back later and I should have some good pictures and video from the Sanja Matsuri up then!


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