Hiromi Uehara – perhaps THE face of Japanese Jazz?…

Recently this beautiful young woman was interviewed on NHK’s great English learning program, Eigo de shaberanaito. She is none other than Hiromi Uehara, perhaps one of the most famous Japanese Jazz musicians in the music world today – the rising talent is renowned for her passionate and energetic live performances and because her music is mainly based around improvisation, I’ve heard that each show is unique in itself. I had actually discovered one of her CDs earlier – years back when I was in France for a holiday I found her Brain album, newly released at that time. I liked what I checked out in the store but alas when I returned to England I forgot about her… only to rediscover her great music when I arrived here in Japan!! Anyway, I have to say that this woman is quite simply remarkable. Not only is she absolutely awesome at piano but she also singlehandedly manages her tour schedule, booking all of her flights herself. Be sure to check out her music below, I’m gonna have to get her CDs soon!


2 thoughts on “Hiromi Uehara – perhaps THE face of Japanese Jazz?…

  1. Hi,
    I discovered Hiromi Uehara while listening online to Berlin jazzradio….she’s fantastic!
    StripedCat @ berlinromexpress.wordpress.com

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