Cool parody – can you guess the original anime?

The picture above is a pretty cool advertisement for a Lucky Star video game (Lucky Star is a lighthearted comedy which has been a huge hit here in Japan) Anime fans should be able to notice that the poster is a parody of an anime film which was a huge hit in Japan also… can you guess what film it is?…. well too late, I’m gonna tell ya! 😛 The original movie is called Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo (The Girl Who Leapt Through Time is the English title I believe) The movie is based on a novel by a very famous Japanese writer but I can never remember his name (he was the same person who wrote Paprika). Anyway I don’t think Toki wo kakeru shoujo has been released outside of Japan which is a genuine shame because it’s one hell of a good film, I really recommend it!

EDIT: Ok, I just checked, looks like it now has been released outside of Japan…. watch this film now!! You won’t be disappointed!!


4 thoughts on “Cool parody – can you guess the original anime?

  1. The name is Yasutaka TSUTSUI, and he is 73 years old now. He won many awards and even was decorated as a Chevalier by the French government. The movie was really great 🙂 The Lucky Start should not even be compared to that masterpiece imo because it is entirely out of that league. I am not sure why Lucky Star is so popular.

  2. Ah thanks for the information! 🙂 Yeah, actually I myself don’t really understand why Lucky Star is so popular, I’ve only seen 2 episodes of it and I thought it was rather random, it seemed almost like a waste of time really because I don’t like anime that doesn’t seem to have a purpose, it seemed the whole series doesn’t have any direction… but thats just my opinion anyway! I’m planning on reading the original versions of Paprika and Toki wo Kakeru shoujo when my Japanese is good enough!!

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