Taking a step back in time in Akasaka – Hikawa Shrine

I mentioned this place in my last post about my visit to Akasaka. The Hikawa Shrine doesn’t have a particularly unique name (there are over 200 different shrines sharing the same name I believe) but what is special about the one in Akasaka is that most of the shrine survived the bombing of the second world war. Unfortunately many buildings outside of Kyoto have suffered a terrible fate and have ‘passed away’ so as to speak (many due to fires, earthquakes or the afore mentioned bombings). Many of the buildings that you see today are reconstructions. I was surprised to see the Hikawa Shrine intact because central Tokyo was bombed so heavily during the war. Anyway, I really recommend visiting the shrine if you’re in Tokyo and if you like historical monuments. The place is very atmospheric and unfortunately my photos just don’t do the shrine justice. For those interested, the shrine was built in 1730 under the command of Tokugawa Yoshimune.


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