Spending an afternoon on the grounds of the Imperial Palace

A good way to spend a sunny afternoon in central Tokyo is to head to the Imperial Palace. Unfortunately a lot of the buildings were damaged during the second world war and most of the palace is actually off-limits to the general public but there are still some interesting things to see. The following are some spots of interest. The palace is huge, believe me, so it’ll take a while to walk across the grounds!

Statue of Masashige Kusunoki

Nijubashi Bridge

Outer gardens

The Eastern outer-gardens of the Palace are open to the public. Of particular interest, a few of the original buildings still stand to this day, but to be fair they aren’t very interesting (they are guard houses used by samurai during the days of the shogunate). A lot of restoration work has been carried out in the outer gardens and you can find information in English on how the grounds have been preserved.

I assume this rather fancy lamp-post was added during the time of the Meiji Restoration. Anyway, if you’d like to visit the grounds of the Imperial Palace you’ll be happy to know that they are just a short walk away from Tokyo Station!


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