Chilling out in Shinjuku Park

Shinjuku is easily one of the busiest areas of Tokyo – not only is it one of the biggest entertainment districts here but it is also an important place for many big businesses and is a vital transport hub for people travelling around and out of Tokyo. But there is actually a place where you can relax and enjoy tranquil scenery when you want to escape from the manic pace of life in Shinjuku. That place is Shinjuku Gyoen (Shinjuku Park) and it’s one of the best places where you can chill out here in Tokyo (I prefer it over Hibiya Park and Ueno Park). The park is split up into different areas, including traditional Japanese style garden and French style, and it also has 2 traditional tea houses. When I went it was the cherry blossom season, however Shinjuku Gyoen itself is not very famous for cherry blossom. The park does however boast many seasonal flowers and it’s actually recommended to visit during each season to see a different side of nature each time.


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