Living legends of underground rock – Eastern Youth

The time has come for me to introduce one of the biggest bands from the underground music scene on the website. Eastern Youth have been rocking out since 1989 and they have developed a huge underground following since their humble early days. They are pretty much one of the most acclaimed indie bands here in Japan and if you listen to their music it’s easy to see (or rather hear) why – their music is emotional, atmospheric and kind of raw, and that’s why I like it! Unfortunately I haven’t been able to see these guys yet, even though they are very dedicated to touring and regularly play shows in Tokyo. It’s a fecking genuine pain in the ass but their next show in Tokyo is actually happening while I will be staying in Osaka! The band have also been receiving some coverage in America, because they have also been the support band for one of my favourite American bands, Jimmy Eat World. Check them out for yourself!

Boiling Point 36℃

Kakato Naru

Natsunohi no Gogo


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