Odaiba – the most popular place for dating in Tokyo?

Well here it is guys, the special post I was promising is finally here! I didn’t actually realise that there is so much to do in Odaiba. It’s really worth getting there early and spending the whole day in Odaiba. Mainly the area is full of shopping malls, however luckily there is a bit of a variety. Not only are there many clothes shops but there are also many interesting restaurants and cafes, a cinema which is open all-night on Saturdays, and also 2 big theme parks (Sega’s very own Joypolis and a ‘muscle’ theme park). I really enjoyed checking out Sony’s showroom in one of the malls- over there you can check out all the latest products on offer. I really liked a camera I tried out but unfortunately was a bit put off by the price (70,000 Yen, about £335) There is also even a replica statue of liberty in Odaiba! Lastly you can find Fuji TV’s impressive headquarters over here which I have heard is earthquake-proof. I checked out the Fuji TV giftshop and whilst there were not any outstanding pieces of merchandise on offer I thought it was much better compared with the TBS store, there was a lot more in terms of variety in the Fuji TV store. During the week you can even take part in a studio tour at Fuji TV and there is also an observation deck for an impressive view of Tokyo. I recommend staying in Odaiba until the evening and then you can see the sun set on the awesome Tokyo bay skyline.

Unfortunately my pictures didn’t turn out as well as I had hoped but below are some of the better ones, enjoy! If you’d like to go to Odaiba then I recommend taking the Yurikamome line from Shimbashi station, the view on the train itself is quite impressive!


4 thoughts on “Odaiba – the most popular place for dating in Tokyo?

  1. I visited Odaiba back in 2004. Ate at the top of the Le Méridien hotel which has an amazing view of Rainbow bridge and beyond. I loved it and recommend anyone visiting Tokyo to visit Odaiba.

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