This guy is the legendary Hard Gay, originally a wrestler known as Razor Ramon HG but his gimmick and jokes about gay culture made him mega-famous in Japan about 3 years ago. He is my favourite comedian and I was hoping to bump into him here in Tokyo but alas he’s stopped his regular act as Hard Gay because he’s no longer popular. I believe he’s still wrestling though, but it’s worth mentioning that he’s not actually gay, he’s now married. As I said earlier I wanted to bump into him because he used to appear in popular tourist spots in Tokyo and used to do funny things, often involving the public. Here are some of my favourite videos. Please note that if you’re offended easily it might be better not to watch them, but at the end of the day he’s only playing around and having fun, not to be taken seriously!

In this clip Hard Gay tries to make the youth of Shibuya take the time to appreciate their fathers on fathers day:

In the next clip Hard Gay tries to help promote a Ramen shop:

In the next clip he sets about cleaning the streets of Tokyo and helping people:

In the last 2 clips Hard Gay attempts to get featured on the cover of an apparently famous Japanese magazine, The Television:


4 thoughts on “HARD GAY! HOOOOOOO!

  1. Thank you for showing that some がいじん do indeed know how to appreciate contemporary Japanese comedy.

    I was very surprised when I learned that he was married to a gravure model.

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