Shin Umeda City

Shin Umeda City is located in the north of Osaka (Umeda is the main business district in the north of Osaka), and is home to the famous ‘sky building.’ The sky building is home to an observation deck which seems to be popular with the tourists, I didn’t actually go up myself but the area became one of my favourite places in Osaka. I stayed in Osaka for one month, and I found that this area was a great place to chill and relax during the evening- of course you’ll see many couples cuddling if you go around this time!! If you’re wondering about the south of Osaka, the main area located there is Namba, which is more of an entertainment area. There are many shops in Umeda but I personally found that Namba is more interesting in general. Anyway, I’ll upload pictures of Nanba later so check back for those but for now, enjoy these ones!






3 thoughts on “Shin Umeda City

  1. Oh really? I’m sure you’ll have a great trip! I haven’t been to Hiroshima myself but maybe I’ll go next time I’m in Japan…

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