Japanese bands

Yo guys, I assure you I’ll be posting regularly from now on…. don’t believe me? ah well, you’ll see!! πŸ˜› I’ve been finding out about many different Japanese bands since I returned from Japan. I am actually returning to Japan this summer, so I’m planning on buying a whole load of CDs which aren’t available in England. For now, check out these 3 bands πŸ˜‰

Plingmin seem to be a relatively new band on the scene but they certainly seem to be picking up a good following in Japan since one of their songs has been used in the popular anime Gintama. Check ’em out!:


Turns out I had actually listened to their CD in Japan, but I unfortunately forgot about them shortly after. Recently I had just discovered their music video on Youtube and realised that I had heard their music in Japan. Really worthy checking out, definitely gonna buy their CD and even try to go to their show if they are playing when I’m back in Tokyo.


This band was a recommendation by a Japanese blogging friend and they don’t disappoint, will have to get around to checking out more of their music soon!


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