Exploring fragments of Japanese history in Nara

If you’re visiting the Kansai region of Japan then it’d be well worthing visiting Nara. Located conveniently near Kyoto and Osaka, Nara is home to various important historical temples and shrines and was once the capital of Japan when Buddhism started to flourish. Most of the famous sites are located in Nara Park, which is not very far from Nara station. There you’ll find a daibutsu, a big statue of Buddha.  Nara Park is also home to a shitload of free roaming deer, nope I’m not exaggerrating, there are loads of em! If it takes your fancy you can even buy crackers to feed them! There is also a special event which happens in Nara park in August where thousands of candles are lit, illuminating the grounds at night. It’s worth checking out if you visit around that time, unfortunately it happened literally a few days after I left Kansai though!






2 thoughts on “Exploring fragments of Japanese history in Nara

  1. Except for the “rude” deer, Nara is one of my favorite places. Especially out away from all of the busy sections. The mountains and hills there are absolutely beautiful.

  2. Haha yeah, that reminds me, one deer actually tried to eat my map whilst I was trying to navigate around Nara Park, ended up in a small game of tug of war lol. Hopefully I’ll be able to return there soon!

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