Historical Himeji – One of Japan’s finest spots to chill out!

Today I’m gonna write about Himeji, without a doubt one of my favourite places which I visited in Japan. Himeji is located quite near Osaka and Kyoto but it’s actually a part of Hyogo prefecture if my memory serves me well. The most famous tourist attraction in Himeji is Himeji Castle, located a convenient 20 minute walk away from the station. And to be honest, it’s really not surprising to see why its so popular – Himeji Castle is regarded as one of Japan’s finest and it’s one of few that have actually survived to this day (the vast majority of castles in Japan have been destroyed and were replaced with reconstructions).  I’ve heard it is great to visit the castle during the cherry blossom season, but naturally be prepared, it’ll probably be quite crowded! Near the castle there is a really neat ice cream shop which sells a variety of unusual flavours, the watermelon sounded good but I thought it was just a bit too sweet!

Himeji Castle isn’t the only site in Himeji though. Movie enthusiasts might already know that part of the Last Samurai was actually filmed in there! The place which was used for filming in the Last Samurai is a temple complex located at Mount Shozan, the complex is called the Engyoji. Getting there requires a little bit more effort than Himeji Castle, well, not much, you just need to get a bus which is quite easy as the stop is right outside the station. For info on how to get there, look here 😉 Himeji information

The last picture below was taken from the main tower of Himeji Castle. If you visit Osaka, Kyoto or Kobe be sure to take a day trip to Himeji, you won’t be disappointed!!








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