Enjoying the beauty of plum blossoms

Today I’m going to share one of my favourite pictures which I took in Japan. Like pretty much all of my photography it’s nothing particularly special and it doesn’t look impressive whatsoever but I think I was just able to capture a good moment. Right about this time in Japan the plum blossoms must be blooming, my memory is quite bad and I can’t remember if they bloom before or after the cherry blossoms, I get the feeling they last just a bit longer than the cherry blossoms though. Anyway, the place where this picture was taken is a park in the west of Tokyo, near Mount Takao. I don’t remember the name of the place because I was taken by someone I used to work with. Anyway, I just saw this couple sitting down in front of me and I thought having them in the centre gazing out at the beautiful blossoms would make a good picture. Not particularly great or original but hey, I thought it made a nice picture!



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