Yet another awesome movie – About Love


3 directors, 3 stories, 1 movie- that sums up About Love in a nutshell and if I had watched it earlier it would have made my previous movie list! The 3 stories in the movie are set in Tokyo, Taipei and Shanghai respectively and each focus on love between a Japanese person and a Chinese/Taiwanese person. My favourite story was the Tokyo one (pretty much all of it was filmed in the Shibuya/Omotesando area which was really neat!). The casting for the movie was absolutely perfect, all of the actors do a fantastic job with their roles and what I loved was none of it came across as wishy-washy or whimsical. The soundtrack for the film is also really awesome. I did try to see if it was available to buy but I don’t think it is, which is a genuine shame. Anyway, I would definitely recommend this film, I don’t watch many romance movies but I really loved this one (probably as much as I enjoyed the first Nana film!) The director of the Shanghai story has also directed a movie called The Longest Night in Shanghai which is a joint Japanese/Chinese production – definitely on my to-watch list! Here’s to hoping it’ll be as good as About Love!!


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