exams suck big time…

Oh lord, I had my Japanese reading paper today which was less than pleasant… and what’s more is that the worst is yet to come 😦 On Monday I have my final Japanese language paper, the first half of which is kanji based, second half is for translation. The kanji should be alright, but the translation is a bit of a bitch (most of it is English to Japanese). Anyway, I’ll give it my best shot! I haven’t been updating the blog that much lately and that has to change hehe. I’m planning on writing about Japanese drama, more music and manga. And, also… I’M GONNA BE IN JAPAN FROM JUNE UNTIL SEPTEMBER!!! So, during that time I’ll regularly post whatever new photos I take over here, so hope ya guys look forward to that!
For the moment though, I’ll leave ya with 2 videos of songs which I’m hooked on these days. The first is ‘Jap’ by Abingdon Boys School, it’s used as the opening music for the Sengoku Basara anime (which I am watching, and boy must I say, it’s pretty damn good!). The second video is for the new version of FFVII Advent Children, ‘Safe and Sound’ by Kyosuke Himuro and featuring My Chemical Romance’s Gerrard Way (I don’t like MCR’s music that much, but his singing in this ain’t half bad).


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