Gundam at Odaiba!!

Those of you who are into anime and manga might already be aware that a life-size Gundam has been built at Shiokaze Park in Odaiba!! I went to check it out whilst I was in Odaiba and the exterior is all complete but the engineers are still working on it. It will ‘officially’ open to the public on July 11th, by which the Gundam will be able to do more – at the moment I believe it can only move it’s head and smoke is released from it’s chest. In any case, it looks super cool, and I am definitely gonna return at night at some point to do more photography. If you wanna check it out in action just look on youtube, but anyway, here are my pictures!

Resized Japan 2009 011

Resized Japan 2009 012

Resized Japan 2009 013

Resized Japan 2009 020

Resized Japan 2009 025

Resized Japan 2009 029

By the way, I guess I should say I’ve never been a Gundam man myself (my favourite mecha anime is Macross Plus), but still, this looks awesome!


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