Another Tokyo Night Photography Special!

You can view my previous special night photography post here.

Well, I’ve finally been getting the hang of using my new camera (I just bought a second hand Canon EOS Kiss Digital, which is a Rebel in the US and the 300D in Europe). My first attempts at night photography with the Canon fecked up to say the least but honestly speaking I am pretty damn happy with how my recent photos have turned out! I hope you enjoy ’em! Unfortunately after this post there wont be any thing new on the blog for a week because I am going to Osaka tonight! But be sure to expect a ton of photography when I get back, I just can’t wait to do some good night photography in Kansai!!



night3At Zojoji Temple




Taken from Takeshiba Pier. The last 2 times I have been there the place has been pretty damn empty but you get a nice view. You can see Fuji TV’s HQ and part of rainbow bridge on the right. The view of rainbow bridge is awesome but my photos of the whole bridge didn’t turn out so good…

night7Also taken at Takeshiba Pier.

night8This last one screwed up because I couldn’t keep the camera still, I wasn’t using my tripod. Ah well, it was a taxi driving by, would have been good if it I had something flat to place my camera on lol.

Well, that’s all for now, what do you think of the photos? Any suggestions or criticism? I might be able to write some new posts while I’m in Osaka so try checking back anyway. Anyway, adios for now!


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