Killing time in Takadanobaba

These pictures were taken a while before I actually went to Kansai but I didn’t have the time to put ’em up until now. I was meeting a friend in Takadanobaba but I had some time to kill before he arrived so I decided to check out the area- I don’t know Takadanobaba very well. It’s actually a pretty awesome area and I definitely recommend visiting if you find yourself in Tokyo!

The shrine

I found a shrine which contained a special area to one side. I saw some people walking through the entrance and I decided to ask an old couple if there was any significance to this special part of the shrine. The husband told me that actually this area is only open 2 days each year and I was lucky enough to have just visited when it was open! According to the husband the shrine was built during the Edo period and this special area contains an area where people going to climb mount Fuji pray for a safe journey. They had some old photographs from the Meiji period hung on the wall to one side and within the area there were also sacred stones and other artifacts placed there. Unfortunately I didn’t get the name of the shrine (couldn’t read the kanji at the entrance) but it’s a pretty cool place to visit!









Waseda University

I eventually got to the campus of Waseda University. You probably know already but Waseda Uni is one of Japan’s most prestigious universities. My university has an exchange program with them but I don’t think it’s the university for me. I’ve pretty much decided on Doshisha University :). Anyway, the campus is pretty damn nice. It’s a great place to take a walk!


Really neat map which was made by members of the university's Manga Society...





These last 3 pictures were just taken on the streets of Takadanobaba…





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