A Glimpse of Azabu at night

Azabu is a really chic and stylish area located just next to Roppongi. It’s a great place to go for an evening walk. Considering that one of Japan’s most famous popstars Ayumi Hamasaki lives there too, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out it’s one of Japan’s most expensive places to live!! In Azabu-Juban there are a lot of really neat restaurants though (one of my favourites being a really cool pasta bar where they make your meal right infront of you!), so I really recommend having dinner there sometime if you ever find yourself in Tokyo. The Azabu-Juban festival is happening on the weekend so expect pictures of that up on the blog soon! I need to do more night photography over there anyway, so hopefully there will be more good night shots on the blog soon!







4 thoughts on “A Glimpse of Azabu at night

  1. Hi there,

    Some nice night shots you’ve got of Azabu there. It’s a nice area, think there is a festival on there just now that might be worth shooting.

    Tokyo at night is a photographers dream, keep up the good work.


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