Jimmy Eat World in Japan!

Well, considering Jimmy Eat World are one of my all-time favourite bands, this video would have made it’s way to the blog at some point eventually… and that point is now! The video features Jim singing along to an alternative version of A Sunday (the original version can be found on the band’s Clarity album). I definitely need to track down an MP3 of this version. Anyway, I love both versions and it’s a pretty neat video. If ya dig JEW, then be sure to check it out!!


Random shots

Just a collection of random photographs I’ve taken recently, including the pictures from Kyoto. Enjoy!

doshisha Taken at the Imadegawa campus of Doshisha university in Kyoto. Believe me when I say the campus is beautiful! This university looks bloody awesome, and I’m seriously considering doing my exchange year over here. BUT… I’m also considering Sophia university in Tokyo, I’m seriously torn between these 2 places because they both have their own advantages and disadvantages… it’s gonna take me a looooong time before I decide!

kiyomizuTaken near Kiyomizudera temple in Kyoto. This is a brilliant place to go if you’re looking for souvenirs by the way, the shops sell of a lot of yatsuhashi which is a delicious Japanese sweet!

kyotostormStormy skies in Kyoto…

boathouseNear Akasaka-mitsuke in Tokyo…

flower1…somewhere in Aoyama…




schoolBackground is actually the gate for an elementary school somewhere near Harajuku…

What do you guys think? I normally don’t photograph street art but I had to make an exception for these works hehe… Hopefully more photos will be up soon, will have to get out and scout more good places!!

Osaka at night!

Well, here’s my post on Osaka at night. Most of the pictures were taken from the observatory deck at the Sky Building located in Umeda. Entrance is only 700 Yen for adults (places that charge in Tokyo are generally over 1000 Yen). The view is absolutely brilliant and these pictures just don’t do it justice… you really need to see it with your own eyes!! The picture below outside MBS (an Osaka TV studio) was the only one that came out relatively alright that night- I took other photos in that area but I was really disappointed with how they turned out. I didn’t do any night photography in Namba which is a shame… maybe next time! Hope you enjoy the pics 😀

osakanight1Trees at the Sky Building in Umeda…

osakanight2Cool waterfall in front of the trees








Photography in Kobe

As promised, here are my pictures from Kobe. The post is split into 2 parts – Kitano-cho and Meriken Park & Kobe Harborland. Kitano-cho is located just north of Sannomiya. Sannomiya is one of the main shopping districts within Kobe and is directly connected to Osaka by rail. Kitano-cho developed as a residential area for merchants and foreigners shortly after Kobe opened for foreign trade as a port-town. As a result the buildings in the Kitano-cho area have western architecture. They are open to the public for viewing, fees vary but I believe entrance is around 700 Yen. You will also find a shrine and gift-stores selling luxurious Kobe sweets as well as damn good ice-cream!!

Meriken Park and Harborland are located to the south of the city and are right next to eachother. I recommend going at night as the lighting is fantastic. Mosaic is a shopping mall located at Harborland and there you’ll find the typical clothes stores, restaurants, cinema, games arcade and more gift-shops. Kobe makes a brilliant day-trip if you’re staying in the Kansai area, I really recommend checking it out!








kitano7At the shrine…

kitano8The sign for a really good gift-store. They had some really delicious-looking cakes and other desserts but unfortunately they were a tad bit expensive… I had their ice-cream though, great stuff!!


Meriken Park & Kobe Harborland













Unfortunately being as poor as I am, I wasn’t able to have any of the world famous Kobe beef. Have you ever tried Kobe beef before? If so, do you recommend it? I absolutely love beef so I will have to try some at somepoint!!

Photography in Osaka

Ok, here are some of the pictures I took on my trip in Kansai (all of these were in Osaka). Looking back at what I took, I actually didn’t take anywhere near as much as I was expecting I would. Anyway, I hope you enjoy ’em! Night photography will be up at a later date 😉 Also I have a set which I took in Kobe which will also be up later. Although I hung out in Kyoto I didn’t take many pictures there but whatever I took might eventually turn up on the blog!

Highlights from Osaka


These lanterns were up in celebration of a Japanese festival called ‘Tanabata.’ There is a story about 2 lovers but I don’t really know much about it to be honest…

osaka2Believe it or not but this is actually part of a Karaoke complex! I haven’t been inside, maybe I should go with some friends next time I’m in Osaka!

osaka3A fountain in an underground shopping mall called Whitey. I can’t remember if I mentioned on the blog before but there are a ton of underground shopping malls in the Kansai region, especially in Osaka!

osaka4Sprinklers like these can be found all over Osaka emmitting a cooling mist which is good for recovering from the insane Kansai heat! These ones were pretty effective however the other ones I have seen just seem to be pretty wasteful.

osaka5Taken during the evening at Namba Parks, a shopping complex very similar to that such as Roppongi Hills in Tokyo

osaka6Also taken from Namba Parks…

osaka7Posters in a video games arcade. This pic didn’t turn out as well as I had hoped, I should have adjusted the angle… ah well

osaka8…speaking of arcades, the UFO catcher machines in Japan are insane. There’s so much more stuff available to win. This one has some neat mini gadgets….

osaka9…and from this one you can win bags! Photography was actually forbidden in the arcade but I managed to evade the staff when I took these. Unfortunately I couldn’t take any more pics otherwise I would have been caught!!

osaka10So many escalators!! Taken inside Hep 5, a large shopping and entertainment complex in the Umeda district.


Osaka12I have my friend to thank for pointing out this area, she might do well if she takes up photography!

osaka13Large advertisement at a shopping mall in Amemura (short for Amerika-Mura, it’s kinda like the Harajuku of Osaka, a Mecca for youth fashion) The advertisement is for Docomo, a Japanese cell-phone company and the guy is Matsuyama Kenichi of Death Note fame.


What do you guys think? Osaka really has a charm of it’s own, in some parts I would say it’s more dirty than Tokyo however I feel somewhat comfortable there, the people are very down-to-earth and some of the newly developed areas for the youth are really neat. If you visit, I recommend checking out Shinsaibashi, a shopping arcade which is a bit more chic than what you would normally find in Japan, and the area near MBS, an Osaka based TV station. Over there you’ll find a games arcade and a Loft, a really cool shop that sells a variety of household goods, cosmetics, bags, watches etc.

Another Tokyo Night Photography Special!

You can view my previous special night photography post here.

Well, I’ve finally been getting the hang of using my new camera (I just bought a second hand Canon EOS Kiss Digital, which is a Rebel in the US and the 300D in Europe). My first attempts at night photography with the Canon fecked up to say the least but honestly speaking I am pretty damn happy with how my recent photos have turned out! I hope you enjoy ’em! Unfortunately after this post there wont be any thing new on the blog for a week because I am going to Osaka tonight! But be sure to expect a ton of photography when I get back, I just can’t wait to do some good night photography in Kansai!!



night3At Zojoji Temple




Taken from Takeshiba Pier. The last 2 times I have been there the place has been pretty damn empty but you get a nice view. You can see Fuji TV’s HQ and part of rainbow bridge on the right. The view of rainbow bridge is awesome but my photos of the whole bridge didn’t turn out so good…

night7Also taken at Takeshiba Pier.

night8This last one screwed up because I couldn’t keep the camera still, I wasn’t using my tripod. Ah well, it was a taxi driving by, would have been good if it I had something flat to place my camera on lol.

Well, that’s all for now, what do you think of the photos? Any suggestions or criticism? I might be able to write some new posts while I’m in Osaka so try checking back anyway. Anyway, adios for now!

Another unexpected encounter…

These pictures are from that day-out at Inokashira Park. We actually encountered a couple of incredibly cute kittens sleeping in the park. As expected there were loads of people taking pictures of the duo and what I liked was that no one was giving them any trouble. Some other people passing by commented about whether the kittens had been placed there on purpose. I hope that they’re doing well and stay healthy!

Click to enlarge!!