You gotta love Tokyo at night!!

Well, I know I haven’t posted in a while, been super busy recently, however I hope you guys will enjoy this post. I’ve done some night photography in several areas around Tokyo and these are some of the photos that turned out best. I especially like the ones I took at Roppongi Hills. By the way, random note but Karen’s gig was bloody brilliant. Not only that but… after the show I met Achico, the lead vocalist of the band!!! She was super nice and really down to earth. Unfortunately I didn’t have much time to talk with her but I assured her I will be back next year at another one of their gigs, hehe. New Karen album is kick-ass also btw. Anyway, enjoy the photos!!

Ark Hills, pretty empty huh...

Ark Hills, pretty empty huh...

Travel Cafe in Shinjuku

Travel Cafe in Shinjuku



Featured a pic of this during the day previously, it's the garden near Akasaka Palace

Featured a pic of this during the day previously, it's the garden near Akasaka Palace

The rest of the photos were taken at Roppongi Hills…

rh night1

rh night2

rh night3

rh night4

This is probably one of my favourite photos that I've taken this summer...

This is probably one of my favourite photos that I've taken this summer...

rh night6

rh night7

rh night9

Brilliant movie, saw it in London some months back, I'm just surprised it's only just getting released in Japan now, considering how popular Korean movies are over here!!

rh night11

Actually, thinking about it, I think these few photos are some of the best I’ve taken overall this time around in Japan. I don’t have long left, I’m leaving next week!!! Ah well, I will try to get some more good photos before I leave 😉 Anyway, which ones are your favourites?? Do let me know 😛   That’s all for now!! 😀


Azabu Juban festival!

Here it is… the Azabu Juban festival post! Unfortunately though I didn’t take many good photos… I went 2 nights, the first night I was just passing through in order to get through to Roppongi but I had my Canon with me, so I took a few shots once I got to Roppongi Hills. The second night I went I was with a friend and I just had my compact Fuji. Unfortunately we were more busy actually enjoying the festival and eating the delicious festival food that I didn’t take many photos. Anyway, hope you enjoy the pics! The Azabu-Juban festival is much larger than a typical one you might come across, so if you ever have the chance, I really recommend you check it out, it’s awesome!! The main attraction is really the food- not only is there the typical festival food such as yakisoba but since many embassies are located in the vicinity there is an area for all of the embassies’ stalls which sold the specialities of their representative countries. There were also stalls selling jewelery and clothes, a stall for face-painting, a stage for musicians, etc. I really should have taken more photos! 😦

Photos with the Canon

These are pictures of the big bon-dance stage which was set up at Roppongi Hills…






My favourite shot from the whole festival

My favourite shot from the whole festival

Photos with the Fuji

The festival gets REALLY crowded

The festival gets REALLY crowded

Have you seen that bear before? It's 'Rirakkuma'!! He's very famous in Japan

Have you seen that bear before? It's 'Rirakkuma'!! He's very famous in Japan

People relaxing in a small park in the centre of Azabu-Juban, thankfully a great way to escape the crowds on the streets!

People relaxing in a small park in the centre of Azabu-Juban, thankfully a great way to escape the crowds on the streets!


A Glimpse of Azabu at night

Azabu is a really chic and stylish area located just next to Roppongi. It’s a great place to go for an evening walk. Considering that one of Japan’s most famous popstars Ayumi Hamasaki lives there too, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out it’s one of Japan’s most expensive places to live!! In Azabu-Juban there are a lot of really neat restaurants though (one of my favourites being a really cool pasta bar where they make your meal right infront of you!), so I really recommend having dinner there sometime if you ever find yourself in Tokyo. The Azabu-Juban festival is happening on the weekend so expect pictures of that up on the blog soon! I need to do more night photography over there anyway, so hopefully there will be more good night shots on the blog soon!






Random uploads

Some random photos I’ve taken in Japan this summer which haven’t made it onto the blog yet. I’ve been trying to take some more artistic shots recently but my initial attempts haven’t been turning out so well. I’ll definitely work on it! 😉


Distant view of Tokyo Tower from Hiroo...

Cool sign in Akasaka-Mitsuke

Cool sign in Akasaka-Mitsuke

McDonalds in Shibuya...

McDonalds in Shibuya...

Torii of a shrine near my uncle's apartment

Cool exterior for a florist (which is located just by Tokyo Tower!)

Cool exterior for a florist (which is located just by Tokyo Tower!)


evening road

side street

empty car park

morning view

Killing time in Takadanobaba

These pictures were taken a while before I actually went to Kansai but I didn’t have the time to put ’em up until now. I was meeting a friend in Takadanobaba but I had some time to kill before he arrived so I decided to check out the area- I don’t know Takadanobaba very well. It’s actually a pretty awesome area and I definitely recommend visiting if you find yourself in Tokyo!

The shrine

I found a shrine which contained a special area to one side. I saw some people walking through the entrance and I decided to ask an old couple if there was any significance to this special part of the shrine. The husband told me that actually this area is only open 2 days each year and I was lucky enough to have just visited when it was open! According to the husband the shrine was built during the Edo period and this special area contains an area where people going to climb mount Fuji pray for a safe journey. They had some old photographs from the Meiji period hung on the wall to one side and within the area there were also sacred stones and other artifacts placed there. Unfortunately I didn’t get the name of the shrine (couldn’t read the kanji at the entrance) but it’s a pretty cool place to visit!









Waseda University

I eventually got to the campus of Waseda University. You probably know already but Waseda Uni is one of Japan’s most prestigious universities. My university has an exchange program with them but I don’t think it’s the university for me. I’ve pretty much decided on Doshisha University :). Anyway, the campus is pretty damn nice. It’s a great place to take a walk!


Really neat map which was made by members of the university's Manga Society...





These last 3 pictures were just taken on the streets of Takadanobaba…




Jimmy Eat World in Japan!

Well, considering Jimmy Eat World are one of my all-time favourite bands, this video would have made it’s way to the blog at some point eventually… and that point is now! The video features Jim singing along to an alternative version of A Sunday (the original version can be found on the band’s Clarity album). I definitely need to track down an MP3 of this version. Anyway, I love both versions and it’s a pretty neat video. If ya dig JEW, then be sure to check it out!!

Random shots

Just a collection of random photographs I’ve taken recently, including the pictures from Kyoto. Enjoy!

doshisha Taken at the Imadegawa campus of Doshisha university in Kyoto. Believe me when I say the campus is beautiful! This university looks bloody awesome, and I’m seriously considering doing my exchange year over here. BUT… I’m also considering Sophia university in Tokyo, I’m seriously torn between these 2 places because they both have their own advantages and disadvantages… it’s gonna take me a looooong time before I decide!

kiyomizuTaken near Kiyomizudera temple in Kyoto. This is a brilliant place to go if you’re looking for souvenirs by the way, the shops sell of a lot of yatsuhashi which is a delicious Japanese sweet!

kyotostormStormy skies in Kyoto…

boathouseNear Akasaka-mitsuke in Tokyo…

flower1…somewhere in Aoyama…




schoolBackground is actually the gate for an elementary school somewhere near Harajuku…

What do you guys think? I normally don’t photograph street art but I had to make an exception for these works hehe… Hopefully more photos will be up soon, will have to get out and scout more good places!!