Random uploads

Some random photos I’ve taken in Japan this summer which haven’t made it onto the blog yet. I’ve been trying to take some more artistic shots recently but my initial attempts haven’t been turning out so well. I’ll definitely work on it! 😉


Distant view of Tokyo Tower from Hiroo...

Cool sign in Akasaka-Mitsuke

Cool sign in Akasaka-Mitsuke

McDonalds in Shibuya...

McDonalds in Shibuya...

Torii of a shrine near my uncle's apartment

Cool exterior for a florist (which is located just by Tokyo Tower!)

Cool exterior for a florist (which is located just by Tokyo Tower!)


evening road

side street

empty car park

morning view


Another Tokyo Night Photography Special!

You can view my previous special night photography post here.

Well, I’ve finally been getting the hang of using my new camera (I just bought a second hand Canon EOS Kiss Digital, which is a Rebel in the US and the 300D in Europe). My first attempts at night photography with the Canon fecked up to say the least but honestly speaking I am pretty damn happy with how my recent photos have turned out! I hope you enjoy ’em! Unfortunately after this post there wont be any thing new on the blog for a week because I am going to Osaka tonight! But be sure to expect a ton of photography when I get back, I just can’t wait to do some good night photography in Kansai!!



night3At Zojoji Temple




Taken from Takeshiba Pier. The last 2 times I have been there the place has been pretty damn empty but you get a nice view. You can see Fuji TV’s HQ and part of rainbow bridge on the right. The view of rainbow bridge is awesome but my photos of the whole bridge didn’t turn out so good…

night7Also taken at Takeshiba Pier.

night8This last one screwed up because I couldn’t keep the camera still, I wasn’t using my tripod. Ah well, it was a taxi driving by, would have been good if it I had something flat to place my camera on lol.

Well, that’s all for now, what do you think of the photos? Any suggestions or criticism? I might be able to write some new posts while I’m in Osaka so try checking back anyway. Anyway, adios for now!

Tokyo streets on a rainy night…

I decided to do some photography last night.

Hope you enjoy the pics!!

tokyo night 2009 042

Resized Japan 2009 046

tokyo night 2009 050

tokyo night 2009 052

tokyo night 2009 057

Reflection of the Tokyo Tower on one of the Mori buildings, it’s not as good as some of the other Tokyo Tower reflection pictures I have seen, will have to do better next time!

tokyo night 2009 065

tokyo night 2009 066

A sign at a bus-stop near Shiba Park.

tokyo night 2009 067

NHK Broadcasting Museum – an interactive history lesson

I recently went to the NHK museum of broadcasting and I was quite surprised it was pretty interesting. The museum doesn’t seem to be very famous as I have never seen it on any websites or in any guide books about Tokyo but I really recommend visiting if you’d like to learn about the history of television in Tokyo (and besides, it’s actually FREE!). The museum has information leaflets in English and also some of the information posted about the artifacts are also in English. I was surprised by the volume of equipment on exhibition – the vast majority of it consists of TV cameras, microphones, radios and television sets ranging from the earliest models from the 20’s right up to the 90’s. Some of the exhibits are also quite interactive – some of the cameras are set up to a TV monitor so you can see how you would turn out on TV, but one exhibit that stood out was a live camera which has been set up in front of the Tokyo Tower – you can control the camera yourself and play around with zooming or rotating the camera. The museum is also home to some costumes used in some of the NHK dramas and some posters used for promotion. There is even a small section dedicated to autographs of famous people and I was very happy to find Gackt’s autograph there! Probably the neatest thing about the museum is the top floor which is home to the ‘program library’ – you can use the computer terminal here and watch any NHK program out of an archive of literally thousands of individual titles, and the best thing is… it’s free! The only problem, and it can be quite a major one if you don’t know Japanese, is that most of the menu is written in kanji. The library does have instructions in English, but in the video archives there are not many English language videos. Lastly as to be expected, there is also the NHK Giftshop, but I didn’t see any merchandise worthy of mentioning.

By the way, the museum also happens to be conveniently located near the Tokyo Tower so if you have enough time, you can head to the tower from there. For more information about the museum check out the official site: NHK Museum Access Information

Night photography special!

Well, I have a real treat for ya guys this time… well that’s if ya like photography! I decided to take a special trip for photography to an area which I think is called Kachidoki, the bridge which you can see is Kachidoki bridge I believe. Anyway, I had originally discovered the area a while back when I was just taking a random walk around the Ginza area and I thought it would be a good place for night photography. A lot of the photos I took didn’t really come out that well but below are some of the good ones I took. I am planning on doing some photography at Odaiba soon (which is home to the most famous bridge in Tokyo, Rainbow Bridge). Anyway for now, enjoy the pics!

New Years Greetings from Tokyo

Even though Christmas was a bit of a disappointment I was really looking forward to celebrating the new year Japanese style, because these guys seem to take their new year celebrations quite seriously. Admittedly though, it’s quite different compared to England and although some partying can be found, the new year is actually an occassion during which most Japanese actually spend with the family, participating in prayers at a temple, as opposed to getting shit-faced with friends at a party in England! I decided to go to Zojoji Temple on New Year’s Eve; the most popular place for new years celebrations in Tokyo is the Meiji Jingu shrine, however I heard it gets incredibly crowded which put me off, and conveniently Zojoji is just a 10 minute walk away! Zojoji is a totally awesome place to celebrate new year, its worth going any time of the year anyway! After the countdown about 3000 visitors released white balloons into the air and the Tokyo Tower welcomed 2008 with some awesome blue lighting…. no really, that was all that happened, there were no fireworks but it was still pretty cool!

You can check out my slightly shite video of the event:

Zojoji New Year Event clip 1
Zojoji New Year Event clip 2

My first stop on New Years Day was Roppongi Hills where a free concert was taking place. We were treated to some pretty neat music being performed by 2 Chinese women, I hadn’t seen anything like it before so I thought it was quite an interesting experience. Afterwards I went to Zojoji Temple via Tokyo Tower. Zojoji was lively with its various food stalls, visitors offering prayers and… an acrobatic monkey!!… Yep, I don’t know why myself but I think there is some significance to monkeys featuring in Japanese new year celebrations, I actually couldn’t help but feel a little sorry for the poor fella, he actually kinda looked pissed off to be forced to perform in front of a bunch of people laughing at him (he was probably thinking something along the lines of ‘not again… for cryin out loud, I need my dignity dammit!!’) Anyway, good times were had by all, it’s definitely worth experiencing new year celebrations Japanese style if you visit at this time of year! Now, be sure to check out the pics 😉

 newyear1.jpg newyear2.jpgnewyear3.jpgnewyear5.jpgnewyear4.jpgnewyear6.jpg